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Nothing beats the Spanish beaches, but it will surprise you what is actually not allowed! Did you know that a fine can even go up to € 3000! We have looked up all the rules for the Spanish beaches for you. And we don’t lie if there are some very strange rules …

We all know that a red flag means that you are no longer allowed to swim. In the Netherlands there is also a good policy for this, but in Spain they are tackling this a little harder! If the red flag is out then it is better to wait a while before swimming, because the fine can amount to € 3000!

Building sandcastles on Tenerife

Building sandcastles on Tenerife

If you are going to Tenerife you have to pay attention. In the municipalities of Villa de Arisco and Arona it is not allowed to build sandcastles. Yes imagine! In any case, the fine ranges from 600 to 1500 euros.

Be careful with building sandcastles on Tenerife

Ball games danger to others

At least that is what we have to believe according to the places Cádiz, Benidorm, Chipiona, Málaga and San Pedro del Pinatar. According to the municipalities an incredibly dangerous activity that includes beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach soccer.

Shampoo & soap

If you go to the beach, leave the shampoo & soap at home! Almost all beaches in Spain are not allowed to wash with one of two in the sea or beach showers.

Reserve a spot

Reserve a spot

In fact, we are very much in favor of this! How annoying are the people who go to the beach or swimming pool very early to get the best spot. They then come on at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to enjoy it for an hour.

In Gandía, Benidorm, San Pedro del Pinatar and Torrox you can get a € 300 fine for it. It can also be difficult to find your things, because these take the beach cleaners with you.

Rusted umbrellas?

You won’t believe it, but you will! In Valencia it is not allowed to use rusted umbrellas. These are taken immediately, because they can be dangerous if someone injured them. Would the environment also play an important role?

Beware if your parasol has some rust!

Nude sunbathing?

Nude sunbathing?

Nude sunbathing is only permitted in Spain if this is explicitly stated. If it is not stated that you can recreate naked, then we recommend not to do this. Fortunately there are enough beaches where this is allowed! Topless sunbathing is not included here.

Pee in the sea

Peeing in the sea will not be among our favorite activities, but apparently it is a big problem in San Pedro del Pinatar. The fine is € 3000!

BBQ and open fire

Lovely bbq or romantic by the fire after sunset. You can leave it better, because the fine can go up to € 1500! In fact, it makes sense somewhere with all the drought around you.

Want to have sex on the beach

While the sun slowly sinks into the sea, you only think of one thing. No matter how romantic and exciting it may be, we recommend that you don’t get caught! In most municipalities you will just be sent away, but in some the fine can be € 1500! Fortunately not per person, but per couple. Yet!

We have done our best to list all the rules for you, but we can be surprised that there are several. We would love to hear which you still know!

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